Continuity Suikoden III
Age 15 (16?)
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Topaz
District Southern District
Journal ohcruelworld
Player MK
Theme Song Old Castle by the Lake - Michiru Yamane, Keiko Fukami, Masahiko Kimura

"And then, I thought…why do people have to hate each other simply because of where they born? Isn't there some way for us all to just get along?"


When you first approach the young man, you would not even think that he would be a castle master. It may be because of his age and that he doesn't look like castle master 'material': his casual attire and soft-spoken manner, for instance. Standing about average height (five feet to five and a half maybe), with eyes reflecting a topaz/orange-brownish color and brown short hair, the length of it falling just a little below his chin.

He wears nothing special; just the regular attire he's use to wearing: a white, long-sleeved ribbed mock turtleneck shirt (left untucked) is worn underneath a light brown jacket with dark brown cuffs, and collar. The jacket is also bordered with the same color. A vest of reddish-brown (russet?) sticks out between the opening of it. A single button is fastening it closed. There is also a dark brown strip near the collar-its purpose is either unknown or it's the only thing to hold the jacket closed. His dull, green pants go just a little below the knee and four buttons run up the cuffs on both sides outwardly. Light brown/tan knee-high socks and dark brown boots finish the look.


Thomas had lived in the Nameless Lands, or the Northern Outlands, for most of his life. Things were fine as they were, his mother the only family he's ever had. Of course, times never stay quiet and peaceful. Disruptions tend to happen whenever they want to, and it came in the form of some Grassland bandits attacking the small village. In the process, the boy's mother was fatally wounded. With dying breath, she told her son to find his father, wishing for the best before she left the world. Taking and keeping her words, a letter of proof, and some meager belongings, the youth made his leave to search for his other parent at Vinay del Zexay within three months' time.

In the port city, Thomas did find Lowma, a person which he had never seen or heard from before. First impressions were everything; the man was the head of the Zexen Merchant Guilds, cold, serious, and keeping to the typical mindset of someone who prioritized business over family matters. Seeing the proof the boy had on hand, Lowma quickly dismissed Thomas by bestowing the role of castle master over the run-down property of Budehuc. It was an obscure area; no one was there to maintain the land and its residents, so why not have the boy go there? Besides, the guild master didn't have to take in his illegitimate son, preserving the order of his own life and business.

The first few days at Budehuc were tough. It was hard for the young man to relate to the few residents living there, and trying to restore the castle to its former state of magnitude was harder than it seemed. It was a test which made Thomas question his abilities; the difficult scenarios, financial problems, the tension between the Grasslanders and the Zexens, to name a few. Things were just going downhill from there. All seemed lost once a Guild councilman, Durabum, decided to drop by with a group of knights to search the place for a wanted Grasslander, along with bringing forth news that the castle master either comply with unnecessary Guild orders or resign from his post.

Thomas could have easily chosen the latter in his state of stressed depression. However, it didn't. He wanted to help Budehuc and its inhabitants. Thomas' determination helped him decide to change the area into a free trade center, a place where all were welcomed no matter their background or ranking. This led to a few more problems with the Guild, but Budehuc did get the establishment it deserved with support from the Zexen Knights, the Grasslanders, and the ragtag group of mercenaries. The castle also provided a place for the new Flame Champion to set up camp. With that, the fight against Harmonian armies continued as the united lands charged onward to stop the Destroyers from destroying their known world.


Even at the very start of the castle master's suddenly-handed role, Thomas is considered to be a timid and kind young man. Being a teenager, he can be hesitant in becoming a leader figure. However, the boy somehow finds the determination and strength he needs to continue holding onto it. Well, someone needs to take care of all the problems in Budehuc; he is the castle master, after all. Whatever he decides is done; it depends if the result is positive. Nobody is perfect - not even him. He's normal. People will question his character, his position, and his decisions, but if they see he does well, they will accept Thomas as one of their leaders. Maybe.

To explain some of the finer details, Thomas can be easily confused and startled in certain circumstances. For example, any person who starts asking random questions for him to answer will leave him baffled. The castle master is not always as calm as he wants to be in certain situations. If times get tense, he becomes stressed out, fearing for what's to happen next. It's a surprise he hasn't suffered from a fatal heart attack yet. And like any other person, the young man sometimes feels he's incapable of doing something (or anything) for improving bad situations, especially after listening to others who say he can't. Although he may sound slightly pessimistic, he's still hopeful about whatever needs to be done at the moment. He enjoys his life and the good things that take place within those specific events. He will fight for what's right, support those who are strong, and defend those who are weak or injured if the need be. If the force is not what he considers to be good or the overall view of what's good in the world, then he will try to fight it. When working with allies, he will not turn on them; he's quite loyal, supporting and contributing to what they need at the time. The youth has more durability and endurance than one can think he has.

When coming in contact with other people, Thomas will be either amused, puzzled, intimidated, or freaked out depending on the person's demeanor. For example, if a person is mainly dark, silent, and mysterious, Thomas will be apprehensive and have more trouble trying to approach him. If it was some other guy who acts 'flowery' and somewhat feminine, he would be sort of uncomfortable with it. Then again, some people can easily leave him in confusion with random thoughts and questions that don't relate to the topic they were talking about. Usually, he comes to good terms with whoever he befriends and is generally happy to know that he has people support and depend on. With some practice, he does a better job at interacting with everyone. It's a habit he can fall back into, however, depending on how smoothly things go for him.


He has none. Thomas is just an ordinary young man. If there were stats set up for him, he would be considered "average." Maybe even "below average" - he isn't much of a fighter. The youth will usually resort to using peaceful and more civil ways to resolve a problem rather than use full-out violence. However, the castle master does possess some sword skills. If he needs to use them, he will. Thomas won't be winning any of his fights any time soon unless he keeps practicing. Of course, the results may vary depending on the situation.


For being normal, the chances of using Bending in general are slim. He doesn't use the practice very often. However, if Thomas concentrates hard enough, he is able to conjure the most practical and basic of items. In other cases, he brings about things half-formed. A normal bed bent for Nash, for instance, was legless. But that was a first try sort of thing, so his crafting should be a bit better by now.

If panicked or in trouble, his Bending skills will come about quicker than usual. Completeness and actual functionality is sacrificed in the process, but the boy is not going to complain if it helps distract and/or protect him for a little while.

While Thomas still relies on doing things the old-fashioned way, his Bending has managed to stay consistent over the years. With Nash's training on the side, he can summon a shield of swirling wind in case of an emergency. It is utilized defensively rather than offensively, working well as a distraction to keep him from any serious harm.


…Thomas can't handle all of these relationships. :| WILL FILL IN MOAR LATAH

From Home

  • Landis - Scary Winger. Landis and Thomas…had a weird relationship. Landis liked scaring little kids. Thomas is easily excitable and counts as a 'little kid.' Whenever there was boredom, there was always an opportunity for scaring. However, the Winger did respect the young castle master and vowed to protect him and Budehuc in case anything drastic happened. Thomas pretty much wanted to do the same since Landis was also dealing with something far worse. The city had its effects, after all…
  • Lily Pendragon - She the Unsinkable. Thomas did have some difficulty relating to the young woman, but it was expected. Although Lily tended to be stand-offish (for lack of a better word - the girl's personality did clash with others, but not on purpose), she had her moments. She also encouraged Thomas whenever she could, staying loyal to both the castle and the master. He tried to do the same.


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