Tony Stark
Anthony Edward Stark
Continuity Iron Man (Movie)
Age 35
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
District Eastern District
Journal myheartglows
Player Rosa
Theme Song Uh, I'll pick later.

"I just finally know what I have to do."


Tony’s exact birth date in the movie is unknown, but his age is generally thought to be in the mid-thirties. (In the novelization of the movie, Tony is born in 1973, which makes him 35.) Born to Howard and Maria Stark, Tony is the heir to Stark Industries, a weapons manufacturer for the U.S. military. People revere Howard Stark as a hero because of his contribution to war efforts and his engineering work on the Manhattan Project, and Tony follows in his father’s footsteps. A true engineering prodigy, Tony builds his first circuit board at age four and his first engine at six. At seventeen he graduates from M.I.T. summa cum laude.

Tony’s parents die in a car crash on December 17th, 1991. His father’s good friend Obadiah Stane takes control of Stark Industries until Tony turns 21 and inherits the company. As the CEO and brilliant mind behind Stark Industries, billionaire Tony Stark quickly becomes famous for his smarter weapons and improved satellite technology, going beyond his father’s work. He also becomes infamous for his tendencies to party, drink, and charm women into his bed.

But in 2008, Tony’s world turns upside down while he is in Afghanistan demonstrating to the military his latest creation, the Jericho missile. The convoy escorting him across the desert is attacked, and the Ten Rings, the terrorist group responsible, takes Tony hostage. During the attack on the convoy, a Stark Industries missile explodes near him. Shrapnel from the missile penetrate Tony’s chest and work their way toward his heart, which would have meant his death if not for the quick thinking of Yinsen, another man the Ten Rings kidnapped. Unable to remove each piece, Yinsen implants an electromagnet powered by a car battery into Tony’s chest (the socket actually reaches inside) to draw the remaining shrapnel away from his heart.

The Ten Rings hold Tony in a mountain range somewhere in the Kunar Province and demand that he build them a Jericho missile. At first he refuses and undergoes torture, but eventually he decides to trick them into believing he’ll build the missile when really he’ll orchestrate his and Yinsen’s escape. Tony and Yinsen rely on each other to survive the months in captivity. With Yinsen’s help Tony replaces the car battery with a miniaturized arc reactor, a clean energy source, and then uses it to power the Iron Man Mark I armor, which he designs and builds out of scraps. The armor allows him to fight his way out of the cell and escape the terrorist group. Sadly, Yinsen sacrifices himself in the battle to guarantee Tony’s safety.

Finally arriving home after three months of captivity, Tony Stark is a changed man. One of the first things he does is shut down the weapons division of Stark Industries, which creates uproar across the business world. He claims he wants to do better. Seeing the men in the convoy murdered while protecting him, murdered with his own weapons, opens Tony’s eyes to the reality of his business. After his announcement to cease weapons development, he lies low at the behest of Obadiah Stane and engrosses himself in a project: upgrading the Iron Man armor, starting with the arc reactor in his chest. He keeps the project secret from even his friends, Virginia “Pepper” Potts and James “Rhodey” Rhodes, and stays hidden in his workshop for several weeks. Eventually his efforts result in the Mark III armor: Tony Stark builds a superhero, Iron Man.

Soon after completing the Mark III, Tony learns how the Ten Rings obtained weapons he designed: his company, including Obadiah Stane, who is like a second father to him, has been dealing weapons under the table. He also learns that the Ten Rings are currently in the town of Gulmira, Afghanistan. Donning the Mark III armor for the first time, he flies to Gulmira to take back or destroy what is rightfully his, what he maybe should have never made.

During the battle in Gulmira, Iron Man destroys a collection of his missiles. In the explosion something happens, and the next thing he knows he’s waking up in a strange city: Nautilus.

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Description of character personality.


Tony Stark doesn’t have any innate powers. While his fortune and influence in his world could be seen as a power worth wielding, his intellect and expertise with technology are his trump cards. Using his money and resources he creates the Iron Man armor. He designs and builds the armor three times, each improved on the last. The original armor, the Mark I, is the bulky prototype Tony built out of scraps to escape captivity. He later streamlines it into the Mark II, which is made out of bare metal, and includes the holographic Heads Up Display (HUD) and the Jarvis AI to help operate the suit. The final upgrade to the red-and-gold Mark III provides Tony with the famous and fully upgraded Iron Man armor.

The Mark III armor is composed of a gold-titanium alloy, which is durable enough to protect Tony from bullets, an explosion from a tank shell, and even a high-speed collision with a F-22 Raptor jet. The suit also has the ability to fly using the jets in the boots and stabilizers in the hands. The stabilizers double as weapons when concentrated into a repulsor blast, which is best described as a punch of energy hard enough to knock a man back several yards. A larger repulsor blast can be fired from a projector in the chest armor, but it takes longer to charge. The armor has other weapons hidden in compartments; anti-tank missiles reside in the forearms, small anti-personnel guns in the shoulders, and flares at the hips. Even regular hand-to-hand combat in the suit grants Tony super strength.

The reactor embedded into Tony’s chest powers the suit. The chest reactor also powers the electromagnet that keeps Tony alive.

While the Iron Man armor turns Tony into a superhero, the suit requires maintenance after each battle and a fully automated machine to fit it on, along with the AI named Jarvis to help operate it. Without the armor, Tony is no more physically powerful than another human.

Unfortunately, due to events in Nautilus, the Mark III has been destroyed and Tony's workshop unmade, but he's working on other means to fight, primarily through Bending.

Tony has ascended to the rank of Angelii and been fervently working on his Bending. His specialty right now is flying, but he can also Bend up objects decently and influence ones already present with more effort. He has a fox form he can shift into, and is training with several people to learn and perfect other abilities: movement from Neriae, flying from Antovil, transformation from Prowl, and close physical combat from V. His current pet project besides learning as much as he can is Bending his mind to allow a direct connection to a robotic version of the armor (the Mark IV; long story, that) and be able to control it remotely.


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