Uncle Chuck
Professor Charles the Hedgehog "Uncle Chuck"
Continuity Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)
Age 55 (Canon), 56 (Nautilus)
Species Hedgehog
Quill Color Light Blue
Eye Color Blue
District Southern District
Journal Uncle Chuck's journal
Player Nikil
Theme Song N/A

"Character Quote"


[Note: Due to the recent reboot wiping out the old canon, this will only refer to the new canon and what's been revealed so far.]

The universe he comes from is very similar to our own except for the fact that the animals are anthropomorphic and can talk much like humans can, as well as complex societies and kingdoms. The world he's from in particular is called Mobius. For nearly 17 years it has been in peril due to being under siege by the evil Dr. Eggman and his robot armies.

But let's back that up a bit. Before then, Chuck had invented a new machine that would end up coming to haunt him; the Roboticizer. Originally, he had created the machine as a medical device that would save a person's life by turning parts of their bodies into metal.

However things changed when Dr. Eggman, who was the royal adviser to the king, betrayed him and took over Mobotropolis and stole Chuck's roboticizer to turn Mobians into robotic mindless slaves. Chuck had no choice but to flee with several children to a place called Knothole.

While his nephew Sonic would go off and inspire the other children to form the Freedom Fighters, nothing's really known what Chuck did in the intervening years.

Before Sonic found him after the events of Worlds Collide, Chuck was investigating the recent tremors and had collected samples of a strange purple substance that was leaking out from the cracks of the earth. Shortly after Antoine's memories of the old world was restored, another tremor hit and both Chuck and another person fell into a fissure. Luckily they were saved but Sonic was exposed to one of the samples in the process. Chuck felt concern about his nephew but there wasn't anything that could be done.

Chuck arrived in Spagonia to meet up with his old friend Professor Pickle but then the world shattered due to Eggman having previously stopped Sonic from restoring the world completely at the end of Worlds Collide. He and Pickle got kidnapped by one of Eggman's robots, but they got rescued by the Freedom Fighters.

Nautilus History

Chuck was quite puzzled when he first showed up in Wake. Sure having his nephew and a couple people he knows there helped though he couldn't help but feel concern for Sonic due to what happened back home, and when he was told Sonic was having memory problems. Things didn't help when he found himself crying for a pair of hedgehogs he doesn't know when he found that framed picture and when he witnessed Sonic changing into the Werehog form.

However things went downhill for the older hedgehog when he came with to Sonic's world. The state of the world horrified him, especially with Bunnie having somehow been turned into a Dark Gaia monster and he finds a record of himself dying in battle. Luckily they were able to find the flaw and fix it. Soon after that, Chuck's first Reality Storm came.

The storm had made him robotized and take away his free will. He tried to kill Sonic in this state but fails. A couple days after that, Chuck ended up losing his life to King Shadow. Once Chuck came back a week later, he went home to find it empty and photos of him taken out of the photo album. This made Chuck come to the conclusion that his nephew hated him and he locks himself away in the house. Another week later, Sonic breaks his way in the house and they have a tearful reunion.

Days after that, while prepared a stage for a Talent Show, Sonic got attacked and nearly died. Chuck was able to rescue him and Crocker got Sonic to the Medbey. He spend the next few days alone and uneasy in the house. So when Elias broke into the house, Chuck almost attacked him. After some misunderstandings were cleared up, Elias and Chuck went to the scene of the crime to investigate. After a silly sneaking in chili dogs into Medbey the next day, Chuck figured out it was Knuckles who attacked Sonic. This complicated things but at least this meant there was no traitor, though it meant an enemy was controlling Knuckles somehow.

During this time, he started having nightmares about his death and he attempted to deal with it himself by going to the place where he died over and over, but it didn't help. Shadow telling him that he had killed him also didn't help and even made it worse. Eventually all the stress got to him when a Reality Storm happened where people's furniture were packed up into pieces and had to be re-built the hard way. He ended up having to tell Sonic about his nightmares though not about Shadow's identity as his killer. He got turned into a teenager shortly after. While the experience was mostly relaxing, it left with him having to experience Nicotine Withdrawal again.

After that, Sonic had to sit Chuck down to tell him about Sonic's parents and how their world has changed and some people are gone including Sonic's parents, Tails' parents and most of the Echidnas. Chuck didn't take it well but Sonic quickly got him to calm down. Chuck the came to the conclusion that the bright white light Elias had said he experienced could be the result of him being erased from existence from their world. That meant Elias was from their world after all and not another zone. When he got to speak with Elias after after he came back from visiting home, he could tell his theory was pretty much confirmed based on how Elias acted.

During the Monster Mash Storm, he had to experience turning into the Werehog as well as having to save Sonic from the cursed waters. It took an emotional and physical toll on him but he recovered after some rest after the storm was over.

Then came the Nautilus Zone Storm, which proved to be exactly what Chuck needed. Not only did it feel more like home, but he ended up with getting two pet chaos. A Sonic-looking chao named Blue and a Sally-looking chao named Alicia. Also in-between getting chaos, his shipper side got exposed and he accidentally outed Sonic's crush on Sally to Antoine.

Unfortunately things went downhill when the plant disease became a huge problem. He tried looking into it himself but ended up getting himself sick (along with Rosemary flowers growing in his quills). He ended up turning into a blue flower tree outside their home and while he couldn't remember transforming into a tree, it was enough to make him go to Helix for a week to take a break.

Chuck goes with Sonic, Prisoner Number 6, Shadow and Maria to Shadow's world due to Sonic being convinced that there's got to be a flaw there. He was going to wear a more normal disguise, but Sonic managed to convince him to dress up in a Luigi costume to match Sonic's Mario costume. Thing went wrong with Sonic breaking cover and speaking with Queen Sally. Unknown to them, a flaw ended up being created as a result of Sonic's actions.

He was hit with inspiration during the Gag Reel Storm and had created a device that was supposed to cause two people to switch bodies. He used it on Sonic and Shadow, but it only caused them to switch personalities. This caused Sonic to reject him but they quickly patched up shortly after the storm ended. He proceeded to destroy the device and the blue prints so that it couldn't fall into the wrong hands like with the Roboticizer.

After Sonic lost control of the Dark Gaia Poison, things got more lonely for Chuck but he had become more determined to save his nephew. Recently he lead a dangerous operation to collect a sample from Sonic in order to study it and hopefully develop a cure. He managed to get some, but it didn't go very smoothly.


Chuck is very wise and polite in his older age, having the patience of a saint (you had to when your nephew was Sonic). He acts as a father figure to many, especially to Sonic who has no parents in the new continuity. He has a very caring nature overall.

He can be very hard on himself for mistakes he's made in the past (such as the Robotizer), as well as things that aren't really his fault. As a result, he has a strong sense of duty, willing to put himself at risk if it means protecting his loved ones. He also tends to shoulder a lot of things and not really caring about his own safety. He can be stubborn about that, only worrying about others' well beings instead.

Normally he can be somewhat quiet but he will become outspoken if he feels something is wrong. He often acts as the voice of reason and moderation. However he's not afraid to stand up to others if he has to. Generally though he prefers the more peaceful way rather than fighting.


He doesn't possess any powers. Being a professor, he is quite intelligent and skilled at inventing devices as well as having good knowledge in science. That's really about it.


Sonic - His Nephew and only family remaining (both in his timeline and as a result of the reboot). He cares a lot for him and has practically raised him all of Sonic's life. His life would be incomplete without him there. When Chuck died and came back to life, he found an empty house and when he came to the conclusion that his nephew hated him, it devastated him. Despite that, he was quick to comfort him when they finally reunited a week later and now things are back to normal (aside from the scare sometime later when Sonic was attacked by Knuckles and nearly died).

He especially wants to keep him safe now that he recently found out that he had a brother and sister-in-law (or brother-in-law or sister. Sonic didn't make that clear.), and they and several others have been erased from existence due to Eggman's meddling with their world. He's disturbed that he had memories of another life that he'll likely never come back, but he had promised himself when he made Sonic his nephew that he will never lose family again. He would be willing to do anything if it meant Sonic was safe. Even if that meant dying a thousand more times. The time during the Monster Mash didn't help either as Sonic had drowned and become some kind of cursed zombie.

Antoine - One of the Freedom Fighters. He knows the boy has a lot of heart and more courage than he likely realizes. Sure he could get cowardly but Chuck believes he has the potential to become great someday.

Tails - A younger version of one of the Freedom Fighters and Sonic's best friend. Chuck treats him the same as he does with the one he's familiar with and worries about the poor kid's state. Much like the one he's familiar with, he believes Tails has great potential as well. He's already super smart so he knows he'll go places.

Nott - Seems like a nice fellow. Doesn't really know him that well. He does seem like he has a temper, but he can tell he means well.

King Shadow - He's not sure what to think of him. He is cold but fairly polite. There's something about him that makes him slightly uneasy. The fact that he's quite different than what Sonic and the others told about him doesn't help.

He found out recently that he had been the one to kill him, but he had made it quite clear that he didn't have a choice. Chuck believes him and is keeping it a secret from everyone, especially Sonic. He's also not sure what to think of the idea of him being king of all Mobius in his zone and Sally being his queen he was rooting for Sonic x Sally.

Manic - Sonic's brother from another zone. He was quite shocked of their relation but he's quite happy that he has more family now. Too bad things are having a rocky start.

Prisoner Number Six - One of the Ashuras in Nautilus. He doesn't know much about the man, but he does trust him a lot.


Elias Acorn/Agent King - A former king and the son of King Acorn and brother of Sally from supposedly another zone, but it was basically proven that he was from their zone but from the old world. Although Chuck was quite shocked by him, he already felt loyalty towards him the same way he's loyal to the rest of the royal family. While he didn't seem to be very good at being a spy, he couldn't hold that against him due to what happened in his zone. Part of him hoped Sally showed up in Nautilus so she could meet her brother someday. He does feel bad that he had to tell him about his mother, but he had a right to know the truth as her son, as well as not having the heart to warn him before going back home.

Now that Elias has gone back to Sleep, he feels sad that not only is he gone, but possibly gone forever since he was among those erased from their world. Part of him hopes he'll return someday but that doesn't seem likely.

Maria - Gerald Robotnik's granddaughter. He knew those who died can end up here, but that was a first. She seemed like a very sweet girl, which makes what happened to her all the more tragic. He did want to encourage her interest in science. He wasn't sure what to think about her crush on Shadow but he assumed it would pass like any other puppy love crush. She was at that age after all. He's sad that she has gone back to sleep and is likely facing her death and passing away now. Unfortunately but he hopes she finds peace in the after life.


runrun.jpg 4QqdCrY.png
Names Blue, Alicia
Species Chao
Types Neutral Run/Run, Neutral Normal/Normal

Chuck obtained Blue during the beginning of the Nautilus Zone Storm much to Sonic's annoyance and he obtained Alicia on the last day of the storm. He became smitten with both chaos and both of them seemed to really like Chuck. It took some convincing and puppy eyes from Alicia before Sonic would let Chuck keep Alicia.

Blue is similar in personality to Sonic as he tends to rush things rather than think first. He does not seem to like Sonic and seems to be starting a rivalry with him or at the very least things have a rocky start.

Alicia is also similar in personality to Sally and is the calm one that acts as the level-headed one. She seems to like Sonic a lot though she also likes Chuck as well.

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