Continuity NPC
Age ~ 9.5 million years
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District South
Journal ursaems
Player Val
Theme Song My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire

"I have yet to find a being perfectly happy with everything about their experiences or their worlds'. Perhaps we are all fools. But would it be foolish to to dismiss the possibilities? "


Ursaems was a doctor in his world with an innate talent for medicine and a passion for healing people. He excelled in his field, gaining a high position within the king's palace at age twenty. He is the second-eldest of his family and loves them dearly, doting especially on his youngest sister.

After Awakening in Kalliste, he became the Ashura of Remedy and served under Solaris until the war tore Kalliste apart. He settled in a forested world and eventually became Deva of Renewal. Now that Isis is gone for good, he found it safe to return to Nautilus.



Ursaems is a warm sort. The man you’d regard as an uncle. He believes in everyone’s potential inner strength and that they can push themselves past their own set limits to become something greater. He’ll listen to your stories of woe or wonder and make wise commentary that makes you feel like your bond has become stronger. You are like family to him. Even if you’re naughty.

He’s very interested in science and nature and healing is his forte.

He appreciates a good joke but he’s more reserved than Antovil and Areva. He also adores animals and reaches out to those who feel like outcasts. Uncle Ursaems is there to help if you want to talk. Years of experience with tending to the sick has given him the know-how of setting you at ease. He often uses analogies to forests and medicine and they sound super cool.


He's an awesome doctor. He also has superb fire skills and can turn into a bear.


Knows Antovil and Klement from the Kalliste days. They were his support when he lost sight of why he was Awakened. He found himself again, bolstered by Antovil's levity and Klement's calm. When the war came and Isis took control of Antovil, Ursaems was devastated. He is quite happy to see both of his friends alive and well in Nautilus.

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