Continuity NPC
Age ~ 9.5 million years
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
District South
Journal ursaems
Player Val
Theme Song My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire

"I have yet to find a being perfectly happy with everything about their experiences or their worlds'. Perhaps we are all fools. But would it be foolish to to dismiss the possibilities? "


Ursaems was a doctor in his world with an innate talent for medicine and a passion for healing people. He excelled in his field, gaining a high position within the king's palace at age twenty. He is the second-eldest of his family and loves them dearly, doting especially on his youngest sister.

After Awakening in Kalliste, he became the Ashura of Remedy and served under Solaris until the war tore Kalliste apart. He settled in a forested world and eventually became Deva of Renewal. Now that Isis is gone for good, he found it safe to return to Nautilus.

Or at least….that's what many believed when he arrived.

History: Origin

Ursaems came from a world eons prior to the start of the game. Within this world was a powerful kingdom that was once ruled by a wise king and queen. However, they both tragically died while touring their kingdom during a fierce storm.

Their third son Awuyan took the throne as the first and second in line also both met their untimely deaths in separate incidents . This new king took the throne when Ursaems was six.

The two decades that followed were dark times. Taxes were raised as the country's enemies started attacking distant territories. Crime rose steadily as discontent among the people climbed and people would disappear constantly in the confusion of the poorer areas. Still, their king liked to spend money on personal projects. Under his rule, the sun deity (under whose day he was born on) became a central part of the country's religious agenda.

Ursaems was a precocious boy that lived on the outskirts of the capital with his loving family. He was the 2nd child and he loved to play in the forest a little beyond their fields and became an expert on the plants and their properties. He was also kind to animals, even towards the ravens despite ravens being bad omens. As he grew up, he used his knowledge to tend to his family’s minor health needs. He was even able to help ease his father's pain while he was recovering from a work injury. The injury eventually left his father unable to work as before but he lived in moderate comfort.

When his mother passed away during childbirth when he was fifteen, Ursaems decided to dedicate his life to medicine and helping people. He doted on his youngest sister Amior as did the rest of the family. When he was seventeen, he went to study under a doctor that lived nearby so that he could still help his family.

Ursaems's talents did not go unnoticed. The doctor recommended that he go study with a doctor within the capital but Ursaems refused. He had his family to take care of after all. But Ursaems's father eventually heard of this and gave him his blessing as did his other siblings. They were now all old enough to take care of the family affairs and little Amior was now five. It was her words that changed his mind: "You helped me grow big just as the sun helps plants, brother! Now I can help everyone!"

He left to study within the city and landed a job within the palace when he was twenty. It was there when he fell in love with and married a maid named Atete who cared for the royal children. His family was able to move into a comfortable home in the capital and Ursaems paid for his ailing father's care. He also got his older brother a job within the palace as a carpenter and sent his younger siblings to the best schools. He maintained a close relationship with his siblings and father though his work kept him busy.

His wife Atete gave birth to a son when Ursaems was 22 and everything just seemed perfect even if the rest of the world was not.

And then the famine started.

Locusts swarmed the south, leaving it barren. The people in the poorer areas were left in ruin but the people within the capital still held out and those within the palace barely felt the effects. The king himself was indifferent until an epidemic struck as well due to declining sanitation, killing many people. Disease and food shortages were soon affecting even in the richer districts. The king responded by locking himself within his chambers and praying to the sun diety for days.

After a few months, the king sent out an invitation for healthy people to live inside the palace regardless of their social status. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Ursaems moved his family into the palace, finding them all jobs within the staff. Even Amior, now eleven, had a job. Despite the despair that gripped the country, she kept chipper and often got treats from the kitchen where she worked.

Ursaems was sent to tend to the people outside the palace. Many were dead and or dying and the experience was very hard on the young doctor. He would give a potion of sweet poisonous berries to those beyond help to ease their pain by simply letting them fall asleep.

Many would tell him all sorts of stories of their lives during his visits and especially after taking the potion. He would receive the darkest of secrets, the purest of wishes, and the most dismal of regrets. A few talked about their dreams of distant worlds and Ursaems wondered just if such a thing was possible. A patient gifted a book on the subject to Ursaems and he would leaf through it out of curiosity.

During one of his expeditions, he was tending to a terminal man who lived in an extravagant home. After the man drank the potion, he confessed to the dutiful doctor. The horse accident with the first princess and the poisoning of the second prince were related: King Awuyan had hired him and his friends to kill the two royals so that he could take the throne.

A good portion of the missing people in the years that followed were also his group's doing as was spreading the word about the king's generous invitation. These heinous deeds earned him and his friends a life beyond their wildest dreams but at a terrible cost.

He warned Ursaems to watch his back for he had been watching his for the last fourteen years. Ursaems returned to the palace, shaken. A few days later, Atete came to him in a state of distress. She had been coaching the young prince and princess on their studies when the princess complained about the smell of the blood baths she had to take.

Ursaems quickly realized the grim and sinister reason behind the insane king's order and made covert plans to move himself and his family out within the week. He told one close friend of his plans so that he too could escape with his new family. His friend betrayed him to the king in hopes of being spared - and even rewarded - but he was killed on the spot. The king's guards took Ursaems by surprise a few hours later and tortured him before the king.

The doctor pleaded with the king to spare his family, insisting that they knew nothing. The king responded by bringing in Atete’s head before him but promising to spare the others and remarked that her blood was among the finest he had ever had. A maid was easy to get rid of under the pretense of termination but a doctor heavily involved with the kingdom’s affairs was harder.

The king decided to offer Ursaems as a live offering to the sun deity at dawn to appease and convince Him to spare the people of the country. Urasems had no choice but to comply. Perhaps the sun god will truly spare everyone with his death as a man of a pure and healing profession.

Ursaems was held in a cell in the hours before sunrise and was ordered to meditate. He did so but his thoughts drifted towards grief for his wife and fear for his family. In a desperate attempt to contain himself, he thought back to the stories of his dying patients and of the other worlds that they spoke of in. He thought of those worlds as his torso was slashed open before a crowd that prayed for his quick death.

He lay gazing up at the sky, his innards exposed to the heavens as snakes crawled on his body. He praised the sun deity loudly to appease Him, the king, and the people until he blacked out.

History: Awake in Kalliste

Ursaems eventually regained consciousness and found himself pulled towards a place that looked like a city unlike any he had seen before: Kalliste. When he arrived, he collapsed but some Wakened took him to a Wakened doctor. One of these people was Lixue, who also taught him Bending.

He learned quickly from her and soon settled in as part of the city, becoming one of the city's best healers. But sinking himself into Bending usage and the workings of the Senate didn't take his mind off of his family who were left behind so he decided to pay a visit.

Despite his sacrifice, the plague had continued to spread even within the palace. The people within it - including his family and the king's own children- were all killed in the king’s name. He learned of all of this when he witnessed his youngest sister Amior trying to escape with his young son in the desert. The two of them died before his eyes of dehydration and exposure to the elements.

Distraught, Ursaems tried to kill himself back in Kalliste but his attempt was futile. His friends Antovil and Klement help him "heal", saying that there was the chance that his family could awaken just as he did. That he just had to hang on. And he did.

Except he really didn't because getting over one’s family being slaughtered and a whole country going to ruin is kind of hard to get over.

Not even a brief but intense relationship with Lixue could heal his emotional wounds. Though she had opened her heart to him, he could not open his to her.

He became Angelii and then Ashura (of Remedy) in the following years, choosing Solaris as his Deva despite being bitter about anything related to the sun. The fact that Solaris’s stance on the declining number of Wakened was to do nothing and see what happened made the doctor even more embittered. The city needed drastic change if he was ever to see his family again. And this building resentment lead to Ursaems's mind becoming twisted.

When Aaron called for revolution, Ursaems played the role of a double agent, managing to hide the fact from his friends on both sides. As an Ashura to Solaris, he was privy to a lot of information and activity and he’d feed both sides information that would not give him away. It was somewhere during this time that he discovered that Lixue was also a double agent but on the other side. However, he was at a stalemate since both of them had intel on each other neither of them wanted to hurt the other.

In the end, Aaron and his supporters lost and Ursaems disappeared from the city during the confusion after killing Lixue's sister - Ymiras, the Deva of Ice and Scion of the East - right in front of her. With all ties to the revolution either Sleeping or Unmade and his tie to his love severed by his own hand, his life was peaceful but lonely. (Also, with Antovil going with Isis, SUPER LONELY.)

His powers grew as he spent his time in isolation in an uninhabited area of a forested world and eventually he became a Deva himself as he made peace with the fact that he was most likely never going to see his loved ones ever again. But all the millennia of bitter thoughts still churned within him and had the time to solidify into a dangerous ideology.

All worlds were corrupt in time. Soiled eventually by disease, overgrowth, and corruption. Supporting or fighting current structures would not change this fact. But Chaos itself posed a solution.

Chaos was full of possibility. These possibilities became new worlds. It was simply time to pull the worlds back into Chaos and to start the process anew. Attachments to a world and its growth was futile as the cycle could not be broken by continuing the cycle. The cycle itself must be broken to obtain something greater.

But breaking this cycle alone could not be done. Luckily it seems as if the city of Nautilus above Chaos might provide some useful resources…

History: Nautilus

Agents of Entropy Metaplot

History: Endgame



Ursaems is a warm sort. The man you’d regard as an uncle. He believes in everyone’s potential inner strength and that they can push themselves past their own set limits to become something greater. He’ll listen to your stories of woe or wonder and make wise commentary that makes you feel like your bond has become stronger. You are like family to him. Even if you’re naughty.

He’s very interested in science and nature and healing is his forte.

He appreciates a good joke but he’s more reserved than Antovil and Areva. He also adores animals and reaches out to those who feel like outcasts. Uncle Ursaems is there to help if you want to talk. Years of experience with tending to the sick has given him the know-how of setting you at ease. He often uses analogies to forests and medicine and they sound super cool.

But under that soft spoken exterior is a rotten and bitter core.

He feels betrayed by the fact that his sacrifice in his world meant nothing and that there was literally nothing he could do to make it better as there aren’t any ‘flaws’ within it. He feels wronged by the Senate. In the end, this despair fueled the idea that all worlds became unstable and corrupt in the end and that all would suffer.

Ursaems wasn’t an undetected double agent out of sheer luck. He is cunning and convincing. Once he knows how a person ticks, he uses his knowledge to draw out desirable outcomes while making it seem like it was that person’s idea all along. Even to that actual person. He makes sure to cover his tracks at all times and does not jump the gun. He’s not about being showy like Isis was. If she was Light, he is the shadow.

With his mind set on his ideology, he doesn’t have true emotional connections to anyone. There is no need to keep them if things will all return to Chaos. It’s just easier to keep everyone else at ease with familiar interactions and emotions. Much like distracting a child with sweets while he gets his vaccine. And all of this is for the overall good in the end.

If one steps too out of bounds, he’ll come down like a sharp knife to cut them with their own words and insecurities. And he has no problem putting someone down. Decisions about death comes with the territory with being a doctor after all.


He's an awesome doctor. He also has superb fire skills and can turn into a bear.


Knows Antovil and Klement from the Kalliste days. They were his best friends and his support when he lost sight of why he was Awakened. He found himself again, bolstered by Antovil's levity and Klement's calm. When the war came and Isis took control of Antovil, Ursaems was devastated. He was quite happy to see both of his friends alive and well in Nautilus.

Lixue - more later

Marionette - more later

Amior - more later

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