Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine
Continuity Final Fantasy VII
Age Appears 27
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
District Western District
Journal optionalwangst
Player Eco
Theme Song Splinter of Sadness by Masashi Hamauzu

"I have nothing to say."
"That's okay, it was probably depressing anyway."


In the process of protesting the Jenova Project, a program committed to injecting human children with alien cells, Vincent met his end at a long age from a gunshot wound to the chest by the mad scientist, and the leader of the project, Professor Hojo. Soon after the attack on Vincent, Hojo takes his body and begins running a series of experiments, fusing him with different cells and traits of different monsters. Whether this was out of spite, or if Hojo knew what Lucrecia was going to do later is unknown.

Being the one to willing accept to commit to the whole ordeal, Doctor Lucrecia Crescent attempts to bring him back to life by further infusing his decaying body with the gene of Chaos, a harbinger of destruction. In the process, Vincent is revived, but as Chaos, and the monster becomes wild and violen, and is only calmed by the Protomateria Lucrecia finds. Vincent awakens on an operating table sometime later, confused and disoriented, and shuts himself away in a coffin out of grief. Hojo seals Vincent in the coffin, determined to leave him there for the next thirty years.

After being awoken by Cloud Strife those thirty years later, Vincent assists in saving the world not only once, but twice from the threat of Sephiroth, Lucrecia's son and the result of the entire Project. One year after the second attack, Vincent is dragged into the W.R.O., an organization dedicated to reconstructing the world after Meteorfall, and stopping a warring organization known as Deepground. It was during one of these missions to the ShinRa Manor that Vincent is struck down, the Protomateria gouged from his chest by Rosso the Crimson and nearly killed for good until a white light floods the room, the former Turk nowhere to be found soon after.

Normally, this would result in him awakening on one of the W.R.O's transport vehicles, the wound entirely healed by Chaos' power. Except, this is not a normal situation.

For the time being, Vincent awakens in an unknown city, still mortally wounded and with no powers to assist.


Vincent Valentine is 27 years old physically and mentally. From the day he was shot, from the long and trying experiments, he has continually failed to age. But even so, he has his own brand of wisdom to share, and he does share it, whether other people want to hear it or not.

Seemingly stoic, very quiet, and withdrawn, Vincent isn't too much of a people person. At first glance, he would appear to be the type to snap your neck if you even looked at him funny, but in truth, this is the exact opposite. Despite his strongest attacks being that of monsters, Vincent is far from the mindless killing machine Hojo believed to have 'created'. Years in the Turks have molded him to think and plan, to conceal far more intelligence than first believed. He just lets others plan first.

Even with his worst enemies, he's always the type to get information first, then put a bullet through your head if the answer isn't acceptable. Since his early days, and even now, he has always had a strong sense of morals. If you're not intentionally trying to attack people and just acting normal, he wouldn't give it a second thought. If people at risk because of what's being done, and that person is getting a kick out of a violent situation, then no, that's not right. Though other times, he won't even give a warning before he steps into a dicey event.

While it seems as though Vincent's "take them as they come and leave the thinking to others" attitude may portray him as selfish, it's mostly a cover-up and it wouldn't be long until he shows otherwise. He has friends, and he's determined to hold onto those friends down to his last breath, even if it meant pushing them away.

If he mentions he doesn't want to help, he does.

If he would leave one to die, it would be for their own good.

As much as he tries to hide it, Vincent loves kids. No matter what the situation, if there is a child involved, Vincent will immediately come to the rescue, hiding his concern all the way. There is a need to protect there, to give something to others what he had been given himself. A hero. Protection. Though despite this, Vincent still bears an unspeakable grief from the loss of his love and the treachery of Hojo, but, slowly but surely, he is becoming more and more mellow and possibly, a bit happier. The process is long and trying, but damn it all if he didn't see it through.

"Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance."
~ Richard Von Weizsaecker


The Galian Beast is Vincent's primary transformation, and can be triggered at any time. Taking the form of something resembling a giant blue werewolf, he is granted the ability to shoot fireballs out of its palms and boost his strength and endurance. His special attacks are Beast Flare and Berserk Dance.

The other transformation is into the legendary Chaos, harbinger of death and destruction. Unlike the Galian Beast, Chaos cannot be controlled until Vincent is in possession of the Protomateria, and will kill anyone and anything in it's way, including friends. Vincent's main gift is his unbelievable strength and agility, and the assistance of his prized, triple-barreled gun, Cerberus. His abilities range mostly to his shape shifting, where his most powerful abilities are unleashed.

Chaos can keep Vincent's regular weapons, but also obtains the ability to summon a ultra-powerful gun known as Death Penalty, shooting enormous lasers out of it rather than simply bullets.
While not as powerful, Vincent can also maintain three other forms; Red Cape, Death Gigas, and Hellmasker.

Red Cape: Mainly used for evasive maneuvers; Vincent can temporarily meld his entire body into the form of the crimson cape and fly around, firing off several rounds from Cerberus at the same time.

Death Gigas: While this may look familiar in movies, Vincent does indeed take the form of Frankenstein in this transformation. While not swift and agile, this brute makes up for in strength, and can take a lot more damage than even Chaos. He attacks with Gigadunk and Livewire.

Hellmasker: Also familiar in movies is Vincent's rendition of Jason the Killer, with a rotating head and a mega-powerful chainsaw at his disposal. Not too fast, and not too slow to attack, Hellmasker is a vicious attacker, able to land several blows with the chainsaw at once on an enemy. Special attacks are, but are not limited to, Splattercombo and Nightmare.

Though there is a limit to how often this could occur, Vincent has an innate ability to restore and regenerate his cells, healing any wounds which may otherwise be life-threatening. It is not always reliable, and not often-occurring. Despite his monstrous form, he is still half-human.


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