Vlad Plasmius
Vlad Masters/Plasmius
Continuity Danny Phantom
Age 44
Species Ecto-Hybrid (Human-Ghost)
Hair Color Gray (Black in ghost form)
Eye Color Dark Blue (Red in ghost form)
District Eastern District-Western District
Journal Vlad's Journal
Player Ama
Theme Song N/A

"And I am not a villain. All I ever wanted was love."


Vlad is the arch rival and enemy to Danny Phantom. Ex college buddies with Danny's father, Jack Fenton, he attended the Wisconsin university before that fateful day where Jack tests out his much smaller (and more faulty) ecto-portal and Vlad becomes the brunt of the accident. This causes him to have a bad case of ecto-acne and have his social life go down the drain. However, it also gives him ghost powers, turning into the first ecto-hybrid in existence until Danny Phantom obtains the powers at 14.

It is debatable on whether or not this alone caused him to be as Danny would put it, "fruit loopy" or if he always had issues with relationships and his ego. In another alternative universe, Jack is affected with ecto acne and gains ghostly powers, where Vlad marries Maddie and becomes the cheese king of Wisconsin. He still is possessive, controlling, and emotionally stunted, forbidding Maddie to pursue a career in ghost hunting, though Maddie has a secret lab despite her husband's demands.

After 20 years of developing his ghost powers along with overshadowing powerful and rich people to become one of the most richest men in the world, Vlad holds the 20th college reunion in his first debut episode "Bitter Reunions" at his mansion in Wisconsin. He invites the Fentons, to humiliate Jack, kill him, and take Maddie as his own wife. However, once Vlad Plasmius has a run in with Danny Phantom,defeating Danny, he sees the weaker, younger halfa change to his human form, and changes plans slightly. Not only does he plan to take Maddie away from his former college friend, he wants Danny as his own son to carry on his legacy as a halfa, which of course, Danny blatantly refuses when Vlad tells him to renounce his father for Vlad. Danny also comes to find out that it was him that sent certain ghosts to test Jack's skills as a ghost hunter, but ironically, it was the second halfa that fought them off. Vlad tries to humiliate Jack by overshadowing his body and make him destroy the college reunion. Danny saves the day once again and blackmails Vlad that he will tell everyone who and what he is. Vlad points out however that if he reveals his own identity, Danny reveals himself.

After his defeat in "Bitter Reunions", Vlad hatches another scheme to get Maddie and Danny to him. He uses DALV, his own company (which is Vlad backwards) to lure Maddie and Danny away from home to a supposed "mother and son" science convention in Florida. Vlad sends a private jet for Maddie and Danny, but the ghost riding the jet leads them to the Rockies, where Vlad just so happens to be staying at his log cabin that resides there. Maddie of course has no idea, but Danny has his suspicions. Vlad invites them into his cabin and tries to woo Maddie over, until he just comes out and tells her dump Jack to stay with him. Enraged, Maddie marches out of the cabin, with Danny at her side. He comments to Vlad that "as bitter, lonely man in his mid 40s, he should consider Internet dating or a cat." Vlad exclaims Maddie would rue the day she said no to him and that he will not get a cat. In the middle of the night with Maddie and Danny camping out, Vlad sends his ghost animals to recapture Danny to rile him up and short circuit his powers with his "Plasmius Maximus". He states that Danny has three hours of his powers to be shortened. He tells him to run as he sends some spectral animals after him. Danny runs for his life, but his mother is able to defeat the ghouls.

Then Maddie reluctantly states that they need to go back to Vlad's for safety (ironically) to find a phone. Maddie then wraps the Spector Deflector belt around Danny for his protection, which would ironically be a disadvantage against Danny once his powers come back. Maddie flirts her way with Vlad to find a phone. She looks to find it, leaving Danny and Vlad alone. Danny, whom also sneaked the key for the belt from his mom, tricks Vlad by emotionally manipulating him into thinking Danny wants to stay with him. Instead Danny unlocks the belt from his waist, wraps it around Vlad to weaken his powers a bit. When the two brawl, it looks as though Vlad is winning until Danny shocks him with his own power shortener and then turns the animal ghosts against Vlad, in which Vlad in his human form runs for his life.


Vlad is cunning, intelligent, arrogant, and self serving. With his obsessive, determined nature, he always has a method to his madness, a rhyme to his reason. He is also not above using others like he would in a game of chess, which he actually plays in "Infinity Relams", season 3, albeit 13 to nothing to his cat Maddie, but apparently has played it before that episode as he does refer to Valerie and Danny as his "pawns" in "Reign Storm", which aired in season one. He places himself as king and others as pawns or their other rightful positions.

It's highly probable that he has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), which causes him to lack empathy with others, exploit and manipulate them for personal gain, respond with rage, shame, or humiliation in regards to criticism, and put himself on a high pedestal over others he deems unworthy. This creates a very lonely and bitter man who desperately desires relationships he cannot obtain (ex. Maddie and Danny). This also makes him have some unseemly temper tantrums when he's duped or if something does not go his way, feeling entitled to have the objects of his desires.

Vlad however, does have his moments of redemption such as in the full hour movie, "The Ultimate Enemy". It bases Danny in an alternative time line where he grows to become a destructive and terrible ghost. When Danny's family and friends are killed in the Nasty Burger, a burger joint in his home, Amity Park, Vlad takes Danny in being the "only one that could possibly understand his situation". There is a subtle moment where he places a hand on Danny's shoulder and when Danny looks up, Vlad offers him a gentle expression and smile.

Later, the idea is brought up to literally tear Danny's ghost half from his human half, in which Vlad obliges to do so in order for Danny to not feel the emotional turmoil anymore. So, with the ghost gauntlets, which are metallic gloves with claws to literally rip out a spirit, Vlad "honors Danny's wishes" by doing so. However, Danny's ghost form is enraged by this and turns against Vlad to steal the gauntlets and rip out Vlad's ghost half to merge himself with it. Vlad Plasmius overtakes Danny Phantom, which makes Danny turn on the boy's human half and destroy the mansion.

In the finale, "Phantom Planet", Vlad accidentally causes the disasteroid (made of Ectouranium) to hurtle to Earth. He reveals his identity, stating that he can save the Earth from a perilous doom in exchange for a large sum of money from the world leaders and the right to rule the entire world. Jack and Vlad go into space and Jack demands to understand why Vlad is the way he is, in which Vlad angrily responds that it was his doing. Jack wants to rekindle the friendship, but Vlad coldly brushes him off to the Disasteroid. However, when Vlad tries to make the Disasteroid intangible, it shocks him, being impervious to ghosts. Vlad goes back to Jack, pleading to help him with the Disasteroid. He states, "You would not turn down an old friend would you?" Jack responds, "An old friend, no. You? Yes." And therefore leaves Vlad in space, which makes Vlad to finally accept his loneliness forever more.


Vampiric ghost transformation- While Danny's transformation rings are white and his suit is simple and black, Vlad's rings are black and his Dracula-like suit are white and red with black pointed boots. His skin is aqua blue, has red eyes, and Dracula fangs. His hair is black and curled upward like horns.

Flight, floating, hovering- Like other ghosts, Vlad can fly, float, and hover with ease. He does not seem to use it nearly as much as Danny does, even his ghost tail is only seen once in the entire series, but he can still do this nevertheless. In "Phantom Planet", the finale he is even able to fly in his human form.

Invisibility & intangibility- Also like other ghosts, Vlad can turn invisible and move through solid matter. This works well for his ability to use it for the element of surprise and of course his dramatic entrances.

Paranormal strength, sustainability, speed, & agility- When a ghost, Vlad's something of a Superman in regards to his heightened abilities. He can lift certain objects many times his own weight and can punch the daylights out of larger creatures. His reflexes are refined, having the ability to outrun this opponents to make a clean getaway. He also recovers quickly after a battle as seen in "Reign Storm".

Duplication- Vlad can stretch out his ghost form to duplicate into many clones. This power allows him to take on and outsmart his opponents. He is even able to overshadow multiple people.

Overshadowing/Posession- In order for him to be one of the most successful billionaires in the world, he is able to overpower people and manipulate them like a puppet to steal wealth for himself.

Aural Empowering- When Vlad is regaining power, he emits a neon green aura to stand against certain Fenton weapons.

Ecto-plasmic pink blasts- Or "ghost ray" is usually shot through hands to overwhelm opponents. It's literally ecto energy that he uses in multiple forms and ways.

Shields- Using his ecto energy, he can create shields to deflect other forms of ecto energy.

Ghost tornado-This is a rarer ability that he creates in "Torrent of Terror" where he takes his ectoplasmic energy and twists it in a twister form.

Ecto absorption and redirection- When plasmic energy is directed at Vlad, he is able to absorb the energy and redirecting the energy against his opponent.

Ecto shape shifting- Stretching the ecto energy, Vlad can shape the energy into ghost objects such as a sword as shown in "Infinite Realms".

Ghost stinger- He can shock his rivals using his ecto signature as a form of electricity.

Teleportation- While being in one place, he can use his cape to envelop himself to another location.

Insanely rich- With the ability to overshadow powerful and rich persons, he gained an enormous amount of wealth and power.

Genius level Intellect- Being a scientist in the University of Wisconsin and having his own secret ghost lab, he is able to redefine and improve ecto-weapons and tools the Fentons have made. He even has the ability to create ecto-hybrid clones.

The is also adept at chess, although we only see him actually playing the game with his cat Maddie. He uses chess as a metaphor for his plans.

It's possible that he knows how to cook too, as seen in "Torrent of Terror" when he has to cater to Danny's every whim when Danny becomes affected with weather ghost powers that shift in accordance to his mood.


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