This is an in-character TV station, broadcasted for the benefit of Nautilus and its darling citizens.

Commercials! Talk shows! Dramas! Lame sauce Soap operas! Variety shows! Educational! Action! Horror! You name it!

Episodes thus far can be found on the "waketv" tag.

The suggested lineup thus far:

- A Friends style sitcom as a parody of Nautilus.
- Nautilus Funniest Videos (to start, a "rebroadcast" of favorite moments from the network).
- A talk show, possibly hosted by Alexander Wolfgang.
- News-like review of big events.
- Most Wanted of Nautilus.
- Mythbusters: Nautilus Team Science.
- Prank show (title currently undecided) where harmless tricks are played on unsuspecting targets.
-A wedding channel.

On an out-of-character note:

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