Wasp (TFA)
Continuity Transformers Animated
Age Who the hell knows?
Species Cybertronian
Hair Color N/A
Optic Color Purple
District Eastern District
Journal hatesbees
Player Milo
Theme Song N/A

"Bumblebot has nice house."


Wasp was originally an Autobot from the planet Cybertron. He joined up as a cadet in the hopes of becoming a member of the powerful and prestigious Elite Guard. It was during his training that he met Bumblebee, taking an instant disliking the similarly built Autobot. His dislike only increased as Bumblebee continued to “bumble” during several training exercises, leading to punishments for the entire class of cadets. At one point, Wasp and another cadet, Ironhide even removed Bumblebee's legs so he would be unable to cause more accidents.

What Wasp didn’t know was that Bumblebee had discovered there was a traitor in the group, and due to Wasp’s arrogant attitude had pegged him as the likely culprit. And even more unfortunately for Wasp, the real culprit, the disguised Shockwave, was more than happy to encourage Bumblebee. As a result, Wasp was framed and arrested as a traitor to the Autobots, stripped of his insignia and sent to the stockade. He swore vengeance on Bumblebee, who he blamed for ruining his life.

Years later, in order to divert attention from himself, Shockwave, disguised as Longarm Prime, orchestrated Wasp’s escape from the Stockade in order to help keep his cover from being blown. Having sworn to avenge himself on Bumblebee, the now insane Wasp made his way to Earth and switched places with the similarly built Bumblebee in order to make the other bot feel his pain in losing everything he’d ever had by getting him sent back to the Stockade in Wasp’s place. Fortunately for Bumblebee, the ruse was discovered, although Wasp escaped in the confusion following the revelation. It was about this point that Wasp found himself Awakened into the strange city of Nautilus…


Wasp is insane. The time spent in the Stockade has broken his mind, and he has convinced himself that Bumblebee (or whoever it is that he has chosen to hate this week) is the source of all of his ills. However, he still maintains a keen intellect and cunning, though he doesn’t always think his plans through (switching places with Bumblebee without knowing what considering the knowledge needed to pose as Bumblebee for instance). He talks to himself aloud and refers to himself in the third person as ‘Wasp’ as well as giving out nicknames to those he meets, such as ‘Bumblebot’ for Bumblebee or ‘Sargebot’ for Sentinel Prime. He still maintains some of his old arrogance.


Wasp is a giant, Cybertronian robot. He is able to transform into a green, two door car. He can also turn his hands into “stingers” which are capable of firing blasts of energy independently or together in order to form a more powerful blast. (But aren't nearly as cool as Bumblebee's stingers).

During his time at the Wake he he has become quite adept at bending and has in fact recently become one of the city's Angelii. He can turn himself into a human or a crocodile quite easily and has been able to alter reality to suit his desires in some minor (or major) ways as he improves.


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