The West District of Infernos


  • default building structure is very Cybertronian in style
  • the sky is RED and has two moons, one is the Kingdom Hearts moon, both have what looks like bites taken out of them
  • only a few canals, unlike East District, and filled with mercury
  • filled with spiders, trees with hands, and other creepy crawlies


W1. Outer Gate of Infernos
W2. Inner Gate of Infernos
W3. Plaza of Infernos


W4. The Western Welcome House (The Opera House)
Rip van Winkle's former home. Also The Major's former home. It used to be decorated in Nazi symbols, but those were taken down. NOW IT'S A WELCOME HOUSE. It has gone through many caretakers since then. Currently, Bowser Jr. staked his claim on it.

W5. MON REPOS (Death's Cottage)
A stately cottage that one wouldn't immediately guess was Death's chosen abode. It is monochromatic in color scheme (and it might rub off a bit on the surrounding landscape in general, depending), with a lovely, colorful flower garden out front. (Beware those snapdragons- they will take a nip at you!) A golden wheat field curves around the back of the cottage in a crescent shape. Any current visitors will find that the cottage's dimensions and fixtures are dismally normal without Death.

Thanks to 9th Doctor - this now can fly like Howl's Moving Castle all around the districts.

W6. The Hedge Maze
A rather plain looking hedge maze, with hedges tall enough that no one can see over them (adjusts to character's height), but once you're inside you start to realize it really isn't normal at all. Something in this place has a terrible affect on your mind, but more can be found here. Due to recent events, the maze is missing an entire quarter section. So if one decides to navigate the maze, they may find themselves in open Western space.

W7. The Fire Station
It's on fiyaaaaah. And it will continue to be on fire. Forever.

W8. GothDonald's
Formerly McDonald's. Still a McDonald's but it went through some major damage during the infamous Trinity 300-piece chicken nugget meal fiasco. Seriously. If one looks close enough, they will see that there are a obvious gothic elements added to its original design (i.e. skulls), courtesy of a certain Elric's repair efforts.

The GothDonald's also provided small plush versions of the Wakened every week. Due to recent Kalliste damages, it has halted in its magical production of said plushies for several weeks. Somehow, it restored itself just so it can catch up with its work.

W9. Deadend's Garage
Also known as a chop shop, this was Dead End's former residence. It's fully equipped with tools and partially stripped cars (and the occasional giant spider) laying around.

W10. NOL Headquarters
Formerly known as the First Methodist Church of Nautilus. The title lies; it's really a chapel. William Jesse lived there, then Hazama moved in and occupied the space. The church/building has chairs, a cross, an altar, and an organ.

W11. AM's Facility
For being a facility, there aren't any actual buildings or any actual signs of a facility, as much as there's just…. a cave. Don't be deceived; the cave is the disguised entrance to what is actually a huge, sophisticated underground complex. The former home of Allied Mastercomputer. Come on down for a visit, especially if you're a human. WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN.

W12. The Magnate Power Office
What looks like a rather typical and impressive (with 120 floors) with the letters 'Magnate Power' on the outside but if one is to step in the elevator they will discover a button that reads, 'Evil Lair.'

Also included: The Basement. There are many tanks of compressed helium though-out the play place. Complete with a (Don't worry it's not bottomless). Oh and something labeled the Atomic Fairy Incarcerator.

W13. Fazbear's Fright
It looks like a haunted normal, family-fun pizzeria, but it has its surprises. Pro-tip: don't stay in there during after-hours. This place may look familiar to a handful of Wakened.

W14. Hang Castle
A large, haunted castle full of ghosts and it has switches that if you touch it, turns you and the whole castle upside down. The castle is also filled with booby traps, such as the pumpkin ghosts that appear, as well as the invisible walkways formed by torches.

W15. RED Shed
Keith's home. He's fixed it up some, thanks to Bending so it looks a little bit more like this but with more space - as it boasts a bedroom and kitchen in addition to the main room and a garage that Keith keeps his bike in.

W16. Vader's Vonderful Workshop
Vader's personal workshop. Desc or linked info goes here.

Between W7 and W11. Gallifreyan Mountain Range A miniature version of the mountains found on Gallifrey from Doctor Who. The highest point on the mountain peak is 200ft and the mountains rocks are purple, gold, red and brown. There is a bit of snow at the caps with a small field of red grass at the bottom. The world's silver-leaved ulanda trees are found growing throughout the field and mountains. There is a clear path through these mountains to the city of Helix.

In a corner - about halfway up the mountain range - is a cottage
Along the way up there's a path lined with trees that make a path up through the mountain.

Snacks and Gas By the spider catacombs cave there's a American Diner How that looks on the inside


North District of Whirlwinds
East District Of Waterfalls
South District Of Forests
The Central Plaza And Other Locations
The Heart Of Nautilus

The Between

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