Continuity Kingdom Hearts
Age Unknown
Species Nobody
Hair Color Silver (Or white. Something.)
Eye Color Copper/Gold/Amber/Weird How about we go with shade of gold
District Northern District
Journal edge_of_nothing
Player MK
Theme Song Viva La Vida - Coldplay

"So…it seems your hearts have led you to obliteration. Perhaps it doesn't pay to be too loyal to one's heart. I will have to be sure and remember that."


The theme is black: boots, gloves, slacks, top - a chic sort of uniformity. The Organization coat is the most distinct, with its silver trimmings and chains contrasting sharply against the leathery material. The hood envelops the wearer's head fully, keeping all facial features hidden within its shadows. Maintaining this air of mystery, a certain anonymity, is important; the cool intimidation factor is set in place.

In this manner, the reveal is much more effective. Long, silver-white hair falls down to about middle of the Nobody's back with unkempt bangs framing stern, copper-colored (gold/amber? freaky) eyes. Against dark skin, these features are striking to the viewer.

Then again, looks aren't everything.





Stoic is a good word to sum it all up. As a Nobody, it is common to lack the emotions a normal human being (or a 'somebody,' more or less) would bear; this type of 'person' is just a shell of their original form, after all.

Xemnas is the oldest of all the Nobodies, devoid of any emotions. He appears calm and serious, carrying a proud sort of air while demanding the authority and deep respect from his subordinates. The spiel about Nobodies having no 'feelings of the heart' was said over many times, but it seems like Xemnas has forgotten. The views he has on such are warped and distorted; he sees the heart outweighing the good with all of the negative aspects like anger and jealousy.

Like the other Nobodies, Xemnas can mimic normal expressions to show he is capable of some kind of humanity. Most of these tend to be acted out with grandiose motions, theatrical displays to get his point across to his audience. No matter how hard one can try coaxing an emotion of sorts out of the Nobody, he will react with indifference. This is probably open to change because he will be constantly interacting with people. More interaction means more life-like expressions? Only time will tell. Until then, words will have empty meanings attached to them whether or not the conversation with another person is civil. It can also lead to some more trouble if one is being difficult with the Superior; remorse is not found in this Nobody's book. This usually means he'll proceed with whatever actions are necessary toward such a situation without another thought, bad or worst.

Xemnas is not stupid. If he was, then he wouldn't be running an Organization and setting up elaborate plans to gather hearts so he can use a heart-shaped moon's ultimate power. In fact, he's intelligent enough to surround himself with fools so he can easily order them into doing what he wants done. Manipulation is never easy, but it helps get other people moving for his own benefit. Of course, those who challenge his power fall into the same circumstances as explained above.




Out of all of the Organization members, Xemnas is the one who controls the element/attribute of…Nothing. As strange and illogical as it sounds, however, the nothingness comes in a form of something tangible. A sort of energy, more or less, potent enough to injure or fatally wound anyone/anything he fights against. It can change shape and consistency; for example, energy can be shaped into projectiles or stretched to form barriers. Said barriers can either block the opponent (wall), protect him from harm (sphere), or do harm to the opponent (sphere). Due to its odd and defiable nature, it can also be manipulated to let the Nobody phase through solid matter with ease.

Besides the element/attribute, the Nobody dual-wields sword-like weapons called Aerial Blades. They may look very much like a light saber, but these come from his hands. They just…appear, and can vary in length depending on the distance between the opponent and himself. In fact, he is quite skilled with these weapons; combat in general happens to be at the same level as all the research he was doing during his 'Somebody' days. Still, it tends to look like large glow sticks at a rave.

So yes, Xemnas is someone that shouldn't be messed with. At all. However, the other extra stages of the Nobody are probably not going to be put into play.

Abilities Regained

  • Dark Corridors
  • Lightsabers Glow sticks Those aerial ethereal blades
  • Gliding?? (NOT ALL THE TIME, GUYS.)
  • Summoning Sorcerer Nobodies?


His ability to Bend things: ??? (?)

There is no real knowledge whether or not he is able to Bend. Correction: he can Bend. What makes it more interesting is that he can un-Bend items as well.


Xemnas can't really have any real relationships because he's a heartless jerk. Instead, he interacts with the people of Nautilus as any other person with a heart would - he just does it his way. As a heartless, aloof jerk.

Considering Nautilus is the City of Change, the connections within the handful of Organization members and the rest of the people residing also changes. There's always room for conflict, however. AND MY HOW THAT CONFLICT FLIES.

Being revised as we speak, fools.

Nautilus and its Inhabitants

The residents themselves.


City Shift 'Gifts'

  • Whenever he walked into a room, DARKNESS followed.
  • And then that faded and was replaced with "The Imperial March".
  • Aaron was to blame for a temporary gift of LOVE via heart-shaped leaf. It lasted a couple of days.
  • A pair of Nikes were quickly un-Bended.
  • And then a copy of My Immortal came up somewhere. (WRY WHY)
  • He also got his gag weapons (a pair of fans) but…this has not been used. Yet.
  • Chateau de Nobody becomes The Castle That Never Was Version 2.0 with an added spa. Xemnas didn't care for the spa.
  • Suddenly, there were spiffy clothes and Michael Jackson's Captain EO costume (which stuck for three days).
  • Cake and an object (unspecified) with a spiral motif was also given during Cyrus' brief return, but nothing has been said about either item.
  • Farming gear and a box of tampons. What.
  • A music box with a small figure of Miku Hatsune atop of it playing a melancholy version of "Levan Polka" - except his is stilted when it plays.
  • A milk carton with a MISSING ad with a picture of Bitty!Tails on it and a coffee mug that says "#1 UNCLE on its side.
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