Yuffie Kisaragi
Yuffie Kisaragi
Continuity Final Fantasy VII - Game End
Age 16
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
District South
Journal klepto_ninja
Player Eve
Theme Song "Material Girl" - Madonna

"And then he was all, 'Sin Harvest!' And I was all, 'Elixir!' And he was all, 'Oh no!' And then I owned him."


Yuffie was born and raised in the ancient town of Wutai, a place filled with rich traditions and history and also THE IRON GRIP OF SHINRA. It was near the end of the war, which Wutai lost, that Yuffie was born to Godo, the leader of Wutai, and her mother Kasumi who died a few short years later. Yuffie grew up saturated in the stories of Wutai's former glory, instilling a fierce sense of pride at a very young age. She's even bold enough to show up at a skirmish between Wutai soldiers and some of Shinra's best men, challenging a First Class soldier to a fight at the ripe age of…nine? Lucky for her, this soldier was a total dork named Zack, who decided to merely play along and let her think she defeated him. She later steals his e-mail address from her father and deploys Zack on several missions in hopes of stealing the treasure from him after he does all the hard work.

Shortly after this, her father made an attempt to resuscitate Wutai's failing economy by turning it into a resort town. Yuffie was mortified at the very idea, and hoping to restore it to the proud traditions of yesteryear, she once again takes up her thieving ways and hunts after materia. In this way she meets Cloud and his party, trying to steal their materia as well. After an unsuccessful scrap, she joins the party, scheming still to obtain their materia.

When the party travels to Wutai, Yuffie executes her cunning master plan, running off with all the materia they own. She tries to hide from Cloud and the others, but winds up being kidnapped along with the Turk Elena by master pimp Don Corneo. After she's rescued, Yuffie's attitude toward the party softens significantly, and she joins once more…and mixes up all the materia weapon and armor slots. At least they got it back, right?

Other key points for Yuffie in the game involve conquering the Pagoda's many trials and obtaining the summon materia for Leviathan. After she does so, her father begins to understand her love and passion for Wutai, and she begins to respect him a little more as well. She was also incredibly upset when Aeris/Aerith died, breaking down into tears and clinging to Cloud as she sobbed.

At the game's end, Yuffie and Vincent, rather than squaring off with Sephiroth, went back to Midgar in an effort to evacuate the citizens there.


Out of all the surviving members of AVALANCHE, Yuffie remains the most cheerful and enthusiastic by far. Very little seems to bring her down; as a result, she's overflowing with energy which she must share with all the others, whether they like it or not. If someone is feeling down, Yuffie's willing to completely ham it up, often at her own expense, just to lift the oppressive mood. She likes to laugh, and she likes seeing other people laugh. This is probably why she tends to target Cloud and Vincent so often with her pranks, jokes, and teasing. The boys are much too serious for their own good, so it's up to her to make them live a little. Loosen up. Relaaaax! And if this just so happens to butter them up enough to hand her some materia, well, she supposes that's okay with her. Fu fu fu.

YUFFIE HAS A CRUSH ON EVERY BOY! (arrowed!) No really, she does. Despite the fact that guys are easier marks for theft than girls, she likes their attention and company, especially if they're good-looking. This isn't the only thing that matters. If they've got a particularly strong heart, Yuffie can brush aside physical imperfections and focus on the positive. She's good at that. She loves to chat with members of the opposite sex, and she's not afraid to ask a guy out, either. It's preferrable if they do the asking, but hey, she doesn't mind giving them a swift boot to the rear to get them started! She's a very affectionate sort of person, and doesn't give a flippety flip about personal space. But! WARNING! Do not confuse 'flirty' with 'slutty'! Yuffie doesn't talk dirty, and she'd be terribly offended if someone was to say anything lewd to her, or about her.

Yuffie's cheerful nature has a decidedly devilish aspect to it. She loves to tease, because she thinks it's funny. There are a lot of things she'll do solely for the sake of humor. She's not above making up lies and rumors just to throw someone off of their groove, particularly if they're the sort of person that remains aloof and unflappable. Why does she like to pick on them the most? Because cracking the uncrackable is a challenge she can't resist! That and it's just funnier to see people like that blush. Of course, she'd feel bad if they lost their temper or reacted with cold, scathing remarks. The whole purpose of her teasing, after all, is to get people to laugh and loosen up. Still, it doesn't hurt to watch one's back around Yuffie. If she sees a chance to pull off a prank, she'll take it, no matter who's expense it comes at.

Morality-wise, Yuffie is a good person at heart. Her methods, however, aren't exactly law-abiding. But the end justifies the means, really, so she's not as scrupulous as most heroes might be. For a NINJA, them's the breaks. You want honorable, go find a samurai. Though she didn't get along very well with her father when she was growing up, he still instilled a basic sense of right and wrong in the girl. She's got a soft heart, too. She isn't bloodthirsty, nor does she really WANT to kill anyone. Beating people up that tick her off? That's perfectly okay!

As boisterous and bubbly as she is, most wouldn't suspect Yuffie to have much in the way of brains. And they'd be wrong to assume such a thing. Yuffie is very intelligent, and the skills she learns are top notch once she bothers to apply herself. She learns fast, and she learns well. But since her focus is rather limited, she only bothers to learn about the things that really interest her.

Happy and approachable, the spunky gal makes friends very easily. Yuffie rarely falls into the pit of angst, if ever, and if she does she's quick to snap out of it. She's a good and loyal friend once her trust is obtained, and handy in a fight with her long-range attacks and quick moves. She's a nice girl deep down inside, quick to smile, quick to laugh, and quick to torment others until they join in the fun. The girl is bursting with charisma and energy, making her the perfect companion (in her opinion) for brooding Cloud and gloomy Vincent.

The slim little ninja is a real force of nature. There's no stopping her when she sets her mind to something; her determination alone could choke a small horse. The stronger her resolve, the worse the resulting mishaps tend to be. Despite her best intentions, Yuffie's 'master plans' have a tendency to backfire in her face rather dramatically. But since she keeps coming out of these tangles alive and well, it doesn't put a damper on her enthusiasm. If anything, it makes it twice as potent. She doesn't quit.

Yuffie's serious side doesn't come into play very often. She cares very deeply for her companions, her friends, and the people of Wutai. Losing Aeris/Aerith broke her tender heart, especially since she was one of a select few that Yuffie respected and admired enough not to tease. It's difficult for her to speak of her more tender feelings, and she can more easily show her affection through her actions. Should anything threaten the people she cares about, she won't hold back that oversized shuriken for a second!

Yuffie gets violently ill when she's on just about any sort of moving vehicle. Be it boat, train, plane, car, motorcycle… The only thing she doesn't seem to have a problem with is a chocobo, but since those are few and far between in Midgar (i.e. non-existant), Yuffie's out of luck. She avoids public transit where she can, and prefers to rely on the sturdiness of her own two feet. If this is unavoidable, though, she'll relent. She just won't be happy about it. When Yuffie suffers from motion sickness, she bundles herself off to the most secluded spot she can find to suffer in solitude. She becomes quiet and withdrawn. Take notes: this is a surefire way to get Yuffie to shut up when she's being obnoxious.

She's also got a bit of a short fuse. Her honor is easily affronted, and she gets huffy if one accuses her of being weak or lacking in talent. She's particularly proud of her fighting skills, and isn't afraid to get in someone's face and demand a challenge if they've got the nerve to put her down, or boast, or sit there and look surly and powerful because obviously they're challenging her with their reclusiveness. But on the other hand, she's easily soothed with praise and half-hearted compliments. Even if these comments are made in jest, Yuffie won't know…sarcasm goes right over her head! It just doesn't register with Yuffie, mostly because she only hears what she wants to hear. She's independent and stubborn to a fault.

Yuffie's also a terrible clutz for a ninja. Though her abilities enable her to rebound off of walls, do triple backflips, and leap through the treetops, this doesn't prevent her from faceplanting during the dramatic moments. Luckily she's more resilient than people would guess, so she always pulls through okay in the end with her incredible good fortune.

There are three reasons why Yuffie steals from people: To get what she needs, to get what she wants, and because it poses a challenge. She resorts to theft more often than not as a solution to her problems. If she's ticked off at someone, she swipes their stuff. If she wants their attention, she swipes their stuff. If she feels like playfully teasing someone, she swipes their stuff. Get the picture? She'll give it back if she likes the person well enough, but if she doesn't, well…that's the last they'll see of their belongings.

It's likely that there will be a lot a select few people that find her to be annoying. She's loud, occasionally obnoxious, and likes attention. Sometimes this attention is gained by being a goofball. Sometimes this attention is gained by teasing and poking fun at the expense of others. And sometimes this attention is gained accidentally when Yuffie's attack of clutz strikes again. Nonetheless, she doesn't really care what most people think. She's a bit selfish in this regard, since she cares more about finding things that make her happy than she does about pleasing people she doesn't hardly know. Though she reacts hotly to insults, Yuffie's fairly confident and likes who she is just fine. It's unlikely that she'd find herself depressed or self-conscious unless she's rebuked by someone she really likes and respects.


Yuffie's best strength is her speed and her agility. She's able to execute commands more quickly than most of her teammates, and she's quite handy with her specialized throwing weapons. The little ninja is slippery and hard to get a hold of when sparks start to fly. But once she IS hit…ow. This is why she prefers to stay in the back, hucking her shuriken and casting spells aplenty to protect her teammates.

Her love of Materia gives her access to a wide variety of magic and spells, and probably a few decent Summon Materia creatures as well. But the only really BIG Summon she possesses is that of Leviathan, a large sea serpent that calls forth an enormous wave of water to wash away her enemies.

She has a few limit breaks available to her, though these aren't likely to come into play. The one she uses most would be 'Clear Tranquil' which heals herself and her allies.


Yuffie's brand new, but this section is sure to fill up fast with shenanigans.


Demyx: Unfortunately for him, he was the first to respond to Yuffie's introduction post requesting a teacher, and thinking he was cute, she immediately latched onto him.

Zack Fair: He's not dead?! When did THAT happen? Not that Yuffie's complaining, mind. Sure, she manipulated and conned him when she was a child (or at least tried to), but now that she's a little older and wiser, she can look back on him with a kind of awe that he not only spared her life, but humored and played with her as well. Most soldiers wouldn't have done that with a Wutai brat. As such, she's very excited to see that he's alive and well, and looks forward to hanging around with him once again.

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