Yuri Lowell
Yuri Lowell
Continuity Tales of Vesperia
Age 21
Species Human
Hair Color slight violet-blackish
Eye Color grey-violet
District Southern District
Journal tank_top_lover
Player Fluffy
Theme Song (Optional)

"It doesn’t seem to me like there’s any reason why we get dumped into the world. But once you’re here, you just do what you can to give this life everything you’ve got."


Yuri grew up in the Lower Quarter of Zaphias, being somewhat ‘adopted’ by the people of the Lower Quarter since he doesn’t know his own parents. He was alone until Flynn Scifo moved there as well, becoming his best friend, and growing up together, even though they both have their banter in the future.

He has a dislike of how nobles are degrading the people they think are below them. That was one of his reasons to join the Knights, because he didn’t agree how the empire was working. Together with Flynn he wanted to change it from the inside (it was Flynns idea to join the Knights), but because of some big events concerning the division he was in and losing the captain of his division (whom he had highly looked up too), he leaves the Knights again a few month later and returns to Zaphias. He couldn’t take it that the empire hadn’t wanted to send reinforcements in time.
Repede, who he met as a puppy in that division followed him back into the city.

While Flynn stayed in the Knights for their shared dreams, Yuri helps out in the Lower Quarter where ever he can. He is known for causing trouble for the Knights and spending time in a prison cell every now and then.
His journey around the world starts the moment the water blastia core had been stolen from the fountain in the Lower Quarter, causing a giant flood of dirty water to spread. Wanting to get it back he went after the thief, promptly landing in the castles jail again.

When he wanted to flee from the castle, to get the core back he met Estelle, looking for Flynn. In the end she tacked along, to find the Knight and warn him about the assassin that seemed to be nuts about Yuri in a not wish able way. Since he was after his best friend, he couldn’t let that slide either.

This starts his journey around the world in search for the core thief, meeting everyone else on the way in not always the best circumstances. After finding out that the theft was part of a bigger scheme between Ragou (a council member of the empire) and Barbos (a guild leader), they try everything to hinder their plans. This ends with Yuri and Judith flying after Barbos when he finally revealed his plan to raise a war between the empire and the guilds. After destroying his blastia and getting the water blastia core back, they rest in Dahngrest, hoping that Ragou will get his earned punishment. They instead find out that he bought himself out of his predicament. Yuri, not able to forgive the noble all the horrible things he had done to his people in Capua Nor (feeding them to his monsters for example) and being able to buy himself out of trouble just because he has money and influence, finally finds his own way and kills him. He is keeping it a secret from everyone else, except for Repede. This is his start of being a vigilante.

When everyone wanted to go their own way again, Yuri planning to start a guild together with Karol, Dahngrest got attacked by Phaeroh, bringing a new mystery with him. Estelle, being called the Worlds Poison, wants to know why she is called this and asks Yuri and his guild to help her with the answer. That’s how they begin their journey to find Phaeroh, to Flynns chagrin.

That was the first time they met the creatures called Entelexeia and it wasn’t the last.

On their way looking for Phaeroh they find another inhuman act in the desert. Cumore is sending out people into the desert, because he is looking for Phaeroh as well. The people either died or never been seen again. While the group hopes that Flynn will be able to end Cumores crimes, some don’t think he will stop that easily, bringing Yuri back to his vigilante work and killing the knight. This time Flynn was witnessing the events and confronts Yuri that he is doing it the wrong way, getting into an argument none of them wanted to have. Yuri knows completely what he is doing and rejected the laws at this point, because they were just tools for the people with money. He chooses to dirty his hands in order to destroy the villains in the world, leaving a not so happy Flynn behind.

At this point Estelle is the next person who knows about Yuris deeds, since she had been listening to them talk. She understands his way of thinking, even though she knows it isn’t right, but still stays by his side.

His sins will be revealed in Nordopolica, right after Belius’ death when Flynn demands for Estelle to go back to the castle and for them to give him the apatheia. Yuri is none too happy and accuses Flynn to go down the same way as Cumore and Ragou, bringing Flynn to the question if Yuri would kill him as well as them.

After realizing that Alexei was behind everything Cumore and Co had done and the kidnapping of Estelle, he realizes that everything he had done was for naught. This sets his resolution to help Estelle from her suffering all alone. The others hindered him with going all alone and together they rescued her out of Alexei’s clutches. After the defeat of Alexei, Yuri got attacked by Sodia and fell from the tower of Zaude.

Later he wakes up in a clean Zaphias again, meeting up with everyone else to fight against the next evil, the Adephagos. On their way to save the world from the Adephagos, they meet Duke again, later realizing that they will need to fight against him as well, before they could even think about fighting the Adephagos.

They collected the Fel Arms on their way, so that no one else could use them for a bad purpose. They started the spirification of the known Entelexeia (except for Ba’ul and Krones), turning them into elemental spirits to aid the world with the Adephagos problem.

After turning the Entelexeia into spirits and the rise of Tarqaron, the group sets out to talk with Duke on top of the ancient city, in the end fighting with him. They defeated him, before using Vesperia No. 1, the weapon Rita had especially made for this moment, as a transmitter for all the power they got from the spirits to transform all blastia cores into spirits as well, before the power once again returned to the weapon and built a giant feather sword to destroy the Adephagos in the sky. Yuri had been the one to hold onto the sword, but they only managed to actually hit the Adephagos after Duke decided to help with Dein Nomos.

Everyone started their new life afterwards, Yuri still being a part of Brave Vesperia and traveling around the world, either with only Repede or the whole guild. His killings were pardoned by both candidates for the imperial throne.


Yuri often comes across as sarcastic and cynical, the reason probably because of the way he grew up in the Lower Quarter being mistreated by the nobility like everyone else. That’s why he developed a dislike for the (empire’s) nobility and as a result he is fast in helping normal, average people instead of these nobles. Instead he often get’s in trouble with knights and nobility alike. Which results in him often landing in prison for a few days.

He prefers to help with smaller problems instead of political ones and gladly leaves the latter for Flynn to worry about. Even through his sarcastic attitude he is very emphatic for the people of lower standing or who really need help. He’ll seem like he doesn’t care at all, just to definitely help in his own way in the end because he does care after all.

His mindset through the whole of the game is already pretty set and stable. It doesn’t change much throughout the story, instead it proves what he has learned while growing up in the part of the town that was being mistreated. He is comfortable the way he is, that’s why he doesn’t care when he lands in prison because of voicing his thoughts about the situation. Often enough he got in trouble, just because of mocking knights and nobles alike.
He doesn’t even keep it a secret, often showing how much he hates the way nobility is exploiting the in their eyes lower people of the world, through discussions that always come up through his journey.

Having made up his mind already and keen on helping the normal people, he isn’t very prone for to depression or hesitation. Actually, Flynn often says he would act first and think later, something that clearly frustrates the blond more than once. It’s not that Yuri would change that at all, because in his opinion, thinking everything through at the beginning and what could happen if anything went bad would just cost way too much time. Something that isn’t always there if one needs to help people survive.

Yuri isn’t afraid of dealing with difficult matters, quite the contrary; he is more comfortable in taking them into his own hands, not wanting to endanger the people around him more than needed. That’s how he decided in the end, that taking the law into his own hands would be necessary for certain individuals to get the punishment they deserve. It’s the only way to ensure that even nobles that went against the law get punished, because otherwise they could always buy themselves free of all charges. This was ultimately his reason to turn into a vigilante. However, he is completely aware that he could easily turn into one of the people he tries to stop. That is something he worries about, because he doesn’t want to turn into someone he despises. This worry was expressed in a conversation with Flynn, when the knight confronted him about the way he has been choosing. It came up again later, when Yuri warned his best friend to not turn into one of these people as well, because he didn’t want to have to kill him. In Yuri’s eyes Flynn was always a true knight and generally they still have the same goal, changing the empire’s way.

He really enjoys teasing people, especially Karol and Rita, though he doesn’t stop there. Throughout the game he develops a brotherly bond with Karol, but you can see that he generally has a soft spot for children. That’s why he tries to help Karol become brave and strong, even if he does this through teasing or giving him hints. He isn’t really forward coming in that way, instead he tries to work behind the scenes, because he doesn’t want to get the credit with anything he is helping with. That’s why he always insists on calling Karol “captain”, with the reason that Karol was the first one who brought the idea of building a guild together up.

He doesn’t show any real and obvious romantic feelings for any of the women in game, but enjoys flirting with Judith for fun. They are on the same wavelength there. Flynn already stated that Yuri has “no understanding of the female psychology”, at all. He does care for Estelle very much, always there when she needs someone to listen and giving her pointers in the direction of her getting her own free will, instead of always doing what is expected of her. Still, he doesn’t want any credit for that as well. He was resolute to save her after being kidnapped and made into a puppet, even if she asked him to kill her and he wanted to go all alone as well. Since he didn’t want his other friends to get into the trouble as well.

He grew up with Flynn, but is really different from him. Though they joined the knights together for the same goal of changing the empire from within, Yuri was never good with following orders. He wasn’t even really into the idea of joining, because he knew himself so well and only did that for Flynn. Since they both have very different personalities, they always seem to clash against one another. They bicker all the time, being able to go on and on if one of them doesn’t just turn around and go, but generally both are really just worried about each other. Though Yuri really doesn’t show it too much. They still try make up with each other. (When they were children they would share a loaf of bread.)

Though the friendship with Rita didn’t start very well, they still started to get along very well later on. He definitely had another victim for his teasing. She even stated to have looked all over the place for him when he went missing after Zaude.

While he has people he loves to tease very much, Judith isn’t one of them. These two are too much alike to be able to really tease each other, since they notice it too fast. Instead they flirt and banter on a friendly basis and make fun of everyone else together. While he hadn’t officially told her about what he had done, he still confided in her, since both of them had their secrets and understood the dark side of the world better than some of the other members. With her Yuri could always talk seriously about some of his problems, even without actually spelling everything out.

He doesn’t seem to like Raven very much in the beginning because of his perverseness, idiotic behaviour and the stunts he threw their way that just brought them more trouble, but slowly he started to trust him. He didn’t want to kill Raven after his betrayal as Schwann, even if he had already killed Cumore and Ragou at that point. Instead he only punches him and tells him that his life now belongs to Brave Vesperia as his punishment. Showing that yes, he is not capable of killing any of his friends. Since both know about the harsher aspects of life they can get in good conversation, even going so far as Yuri actually asking for opinions, IF Raven actually tries to be serious.

But the one he is most open to is Repede, his loyal hound. He watched him grew up and took care of him after his previous owner and the dogs father died. He often translates what the dog is supposedly saying, understanding him very well. He trusts the dog with a lot of his worries, talking about his deeds and often questioning him about what he should do next. He certainly trusts the dog with his life.

Growing up as a commoner caused Yuri to develop a dislike for the empire's nobility, due to their haughty nature towards anyone less fortunate and their tendency to turn a blind eye to suffering. He can’t stand this at all and tries to do everything in his power to stop it.

Since he already has a very set personality and mindset at the beginning of the game, which doesn’t really change, he is not really prone to depression or hesitation.


A very important skill is, that he is a really good cook. He had to learn it to survive, not only because food was rare to begin with, but because anything that Flynn cooked was better used as poison.

He uses his fists and feet in battle as well as either a one-hand sword or one-hand axe. He can use both weapons very well with the axe having a bit more strength and power to it and the sword being better suited for his fast fighting. He is very agile and fast in his attacks, resorting to kicks or fists when he made an opening via his weapon.

Yuri is a pure melee character, combining his attacks with fists, kicks and slash attacks of his chosen weapon. Some of his attacks even release some kind of energy blast. His attacks often either throw his enemy to the ground or into the air, so that he can attack his opponent with a chosen combination of suitable attacks.

He has a good balance between speed and power in his attacks, though compared to other swordsman not much technicality. He often tends to do more tricks with his sword like flipping it around him or spinning it during attacks. His attacks are a mix of stylish and flashy down to brutal and powerful.

Even his one supportive arte he can use is an attack as well. In which case he smashes either his sword or axe on the ground. The vibration hurts his opponents but heals him and any of his team members that are in range of said skill.

He has a variation of elemental slash skills, though wind is the most prominent one, he can use a few with either fire, earth, water, light or dark element attached to them as well.

Terca Lumireis


Terca Lumireis is the name of the world Yuri grew up in. There is a substance that suffuses the world called aer, which humans once used as a fuel to operate an ancient technology called blastia. The people live in fear of the hoards of monsters crawling over the earth and rely strongly on the barriers these blastias created to defend themselves. The world is heavily under control of the Empire, except for the Guild Union and other non-union guilds. Though for many years there has been no emperor or empress prior to the start of his adventure.

There are six continents on Terca Lumireis; Ilyccia, Tolbyccia, Desier, Hypionia, Weccea, and Yurzorea which surround the Inner Ocean and are surrounded by the Outer Ocean.

The main settlements on Ilyccia are the imperial capital Zaphias, Deidon Hold, Halure, and Aspio. The port town Capua Nor connects Ilyccia to Tolbyccia, in conjunction with Capua Torim.

Yuri has lived 21 years of his life on the continent named Ilyccia in the capital Zaphias, which is also known as the Imperial Capital. Sometimes even named the Bedrock of Peace. The city is located in the southern part of Ilyccia and is said to be the biggest city on the entire world. Zaphias abides by a strict hierarchical system, with a vacant throne at the start of his quest, and it's architecture follows that suit.

The city is an abundant settlement which serves as the imperial capital for the empire. It follows a caste system divided accordingly in three different classes.

The Lower Quarter is where the lower class citizens live. It's located in the lowest part of the city, going around like an outer ring. Accordingly to that, the buildings are older and definitely need repairs. The blastias they 'own' are few and very important for them surviving. For example the Aque blastia, which is put in a fountain in the middle of the lower quarter plaza. It provides for clean, drinkable water. Water everyone in the lower quarter uses. In difference to the other parts of the city, the citizens of the lower quarter are like a big family to each other, because they had a bigger chance surviving the world/city when they stick together.
That is where Yuri grew up in, with no father or mother. He got adopted by the citizens of the lower quarter, which was and still is the reason that the people there will always be important to him. A lot of things he does aren't only for the good of the world. He always has the lower quarter and how they'll get by in mind. It's his biggest worry for everyone down there to survive.

The Citizens Quarter is where the middle-class people live. It's located as the middle ring of the city, higher up than the lower quarter but still lower than the royal one. The buildings here are in better care than in the mentioned lower quarter, with a few more blastias to boot. It is still filled with many more family houses than individual ones. Markets are located in this part of the city and citizens of the lower quarter are at least allowed to go there, without too much trouble.

Then there is the Noble Quarter, which is where upper-class citizens and nobility lives. It surrounds the castle of Zaphias, which is in the middle and top of the whole city. Inside the castle only commanding officers of the Imperial Knights and heirs to the throne reside. It also has the prison in the castles dungeon. An area Yuri is very much accustomed to, because of his lengthy stays there whenever he did something they knights had him arrested for. Which, seriously, was a whole bunch of stuff.
Otherwise the living area of the Noble Quarter is completely off-limits for people of the lower quarter.

This is his hometown, even if the most important part for him is the lower quarter and it's people. He would do a lot of things for them, even though most of good the stuff he has done, like getting back the Aque blastia that had been stolen, he makes sure isn't getting credited to him. Because he knows from experience how people of the lower quarter are treated, he isn't very fond of nobility and how they get away with everything. This city is the prime example for his attitude. Though that doesn't mean he hates all of nobility. He can still be reasonably pleasant to the ones that do the same.

On the continent of Tolbyccia the main settlements are Heliord and Dahngrest while the port city Capua Torim connects Tolbyccia with Ilyccia.

The most important city of Tolbyccia would be Dahngrest, which is also known as the Den of Guilds. Dahngrest is the second biggest city of the entire world. In complete contrast to Zaphias, this city has no class differences and therefore is not built like it either. Yuri once said it was more like the lower quarter. Livelier and less stuck up like the Nobles Quarter. During the day, the town is in perpetual sunset due to the refraction of sunlight through the unstable air.
The city is home of many guilds, with most of them having their headquarters located right there - notable the Guild Union, which is governed by they Five Master Guilds: Altosk the most prominent one; Fortunes Market which specialized in marketing and sales; Ruin's Gates, which excavate blastia from ruins; Soul Smiths, the blacksmith guild that is rarely seen; and Blood Alliance, a secretive guild consisting of mercenaries and assassins.

Dahngrest was built by Altosk, and as a result, they hold the most power in the city and frequently govern guild policies. Altosk's leader, Don Whitehorse, was in charge of the Union. After his death, his nephew took over, after a lot of things had to be taken care of.

The main settlements on the continent of Desier are Nordopolica, Mantaic, and Yormgen.

The world has it's very own alphabet.

Guild Laws

He made them up on the spot, but gave the credit to Karol, since the boy first asked about starting a guild with him and he doesn't want any credit either way. He still follows these laws, even though he is currently not in his own world. He just has to adjust them a bit in Nautilus.

LAW #1:
Everybody supporting each other, and always acting with the interest of the guild in mind.
LAW #2:
Striving to always do the right thing, while punishing those who don't.
LAW #3:
All for the guild, and the guild for all. Do justice, and punish the unjust.


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Nott Lovell
Jiminy Cricket

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Scott Summers



City Shift Gifts

*Welcome present was his True Knight costume that he gets after managing all secret missions.
*Raven gave him a badly made Baby!Repede plush animal when he got turned into a child.

Important Items

*A lists for different cheesecake and pudding recipes he got from Kalex. (More like he wrote them down, while Kalex dictated, because of the cats grammar issues.)
*A copy of the alphabet comparison he did with Nash, at the communication failure storm. Therefore knows the alphabet from Nash's world.
*The Mc'Goth Collection: Raven, Yuri, Kale and Duke plush.

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