Zack Fair
Zack Fair
Continuity Final Fantasy VII (the Crisis Core timeline)
Age 17
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
District Southern District
Journal hisdreamsmyfate
Player Eco
Theme Song Wilderness of Desertion by Takeharu Ishimoto; Zack's Theme by Yoko Shimomura.

"Do the Turks really do that?"
"Don't worry. Thanks to you, my salary's better."


Born in a small, quaint little town, miles away from Midgar called Gongaga, Zack Fair had always strived to one day grow up to be a First Class SOLDIER like Sephiroth and so many others. He got his wish one day, however, when there was a surprise draft of new SOLDIERS and Zack had been recruited. Since then, over the years, Zack worked hard and strived to be the best in his class, even if it meant working for ShinRa. He would do anything they asked without hesitation or fail… most of the time.

Several years later, Zack worked under Angeal Hewley as a 2nd Class SOLDIER, completing several missions assigned under his command; one of the most covert being an ambush in Wutai, in an attempt to stop the long-time war. A large number of SOLDIERs, led by Genesis, a First Class SOLDIER, had gone missing while being deployed to Wutai. Angeal disappears during the mission as well, and Sephiroth believes that he had betrayed them. The war had been ended, however, due to Zack's brave efforts, but Zack had been disheartened by the loss of his mentor.

Soon after, Zack is sent with the Turk leader Tseng to Banora Village, the past home of Angeal and Genesis, to look deeper into the SOLDIERs' whereabouts. Zack finds and meets Angeal's mother, only to have her later murdered by Angeal himself. Angeal runs off, and outside the house, Genesis appears, presenting his black wing and explaining to Zack how they're all just 'monsters'. Genesis flies off, and Zack escapes on a helicopter with Tseng, just before the small village is burned to the ground by the Turks.

Zack works with Sephiroth from there on in, completing missions and also looking more into the disappearances of both Genesis and Angeal. Zack encounters his mentor once more in a mako reactor, before being attacked and falling into the Sector 7 slums. He meets Aerith Gainsborough there, who explains that he'd fallen from the sky and into her church. He agrees to make it up to her for 'saving' him by going on one date together. Zack had also been the one to suggest that she should've started selling the flowers in her church to make a living. During Zack's stay in the lower levels of Midgar, he and Aerith developed a strong bond between each other; perhaps even love.

Zack encounters a young infantryman on a later mission, talking with him and becoming good friends. While talking, they realize they have similiar interests and personalities, and the man reveals his name to be Cloud. Zack agrees to help Cloud get into SOLDIER, but unfortunately, Cloud is not qualified enough to make it.

Upon confronting Angeal one last time, Zack is forced to murder him. But he carries on, knowing he did what he had to do, all depression aside. It would still take quite some time to recover from this ordeal, however.

Several months later, Zack is sent to Icicle Inn to deal with an AVALANCHE base with a Turk and a couple of fellow SOLDIERs, Essai and Sebastian. Though during their mission, the two SOLDIERs are kidnapped and turned into Ravens by Fuhito, the lead scientist of the organization. By the time Zack reaches his two friends, it's already too late. They both have become Ravens themselves, and are forced to be killed. The memory of their burial is etched into his own Digital Mind Wave later on, and serves as a boost in his own strength, along as a reminder of what he'd lost that day.

With the combination of Angeal's death, and the murders of the two SOLDIERs, Zack is sent on vacation in Costa Del Sol soon after. The vacation doesn't last long, however, as several Genesis Clones appear, and Zack is forced once more into battle.

And this is when he arrives in Nautilus; with nothing but a beach parasol serving as a weapon.


Zack is extremely easygoing and carefree, quite literally laughing in the face of any danger. He's courageous, outgoing, and an overall great guy to be around. Zack would gladly give his life for his comrades and friends without a second thought or hesitation, and is the prime example of what a true hero should be. He doesn't let depression get him down for long, nor does his expect anyone to feel bad for him. When someone else is down, Zack does what he can to lift their spirits, and if not that, offer support in any other way he can. He's rarely ever seen without a smile.

When it comes to girls, however, Zack is anything but shy. It wouldn't take him long to instantly flirt with one, given they were the proper age to, of course. Because of this, he can sometimes come off as a bit cocky, though it's never intended to be in a negative light. Zack will take attention anyway he can get it, whether it varies from the appreciation of the other Firsts and higher-ups, to the fanclub later formed in his name. His one majour goal in life is to be recognized as a hero, and he takes what he can get, fighting through obstacles along the way.

Angeal's death was a painful, and even harsh lesson for him; nothing in this life comes easy. Death is something to move past, and keep in the past.

Zack is nicknamed 'the puppy', and for good reason. Even idle, he can never quite seem to sit still. If there's nothing around to do, Zack will find something, as simple as it may be, always feeding the need to be constantly stimulated. It can come down to anything; squats, finding people to prod, or even creating his own games. If left alone, he will bore very easily, but one wonders if the man ever does actually sleep. The older Zack becomes, the younger he is at heart.


Unlike regular humans, due to the experiments performed on him, Zack is a 'super-warrior', to put it lightly. All of his senses have been enhanced dramatically, including, but not limited to, hearing, smell, sight, reflexes, and strength. He's extremely skilled with a sword, and can wield one twice his size. The holsters on the Buster Sword allow him to use junctioned materia, unleashing a powerful combination of spells. Oftentimes, the materia can be fused, leveling it up, or even creating new and unique spells.

NOTE: Because of the conditions on his home world, Zack will not arrive with the Buster Sword at first, but will be able to Bend a replacement over a period of time.

Memories and emotions serve as a majour basis for boosting Zack's abilities. The process of this is the Digital Mind Wave, or the DMW. In Zack's mind, this works as a slot-machine type of device, matching up faces and memories to gain certain abilities or become stronger. The more Zack is focused on one person, the better a chance of him gaining that type of ability, but it is otherwise by random chance. In any case, the more people and friends he meets, the stronger he would become.

The DMW is not limited to people, however. Zack can also summon different… well, Summons and creatures to assist him in battle. At this point of time, he would be limited to:

Ifrit: Attacks with Hellfire.

Bahamut: Attacks with Mega Flare.

Bahamut Fury: Attacks with Exa Flare.

Odin: Attacks with Zantetsuken and immediately kills enemies. (Though this only applies to low-level monsters.)

Starting out in Nautilus, the DMW is locked and does not rotate, and Zack will need to work to get it moving again and regain every power it offers. The Summons will be relearned over time and each one will be Bended into existance, depending on Zack's skill level at the time. (Meaning, Bahamut may come the easiest while Odin would still need quite a few months to perfect.)


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