Continuity NPC
Age ???
Species Deva
Hair Color ???
Eye Color ???
District N/A
Journal 100below
Player Alba
Theme Song (Optional)

"born of Life
then rebirthed through Ash
that is he who I am"


Long ago, Zanith hailed from a humble town called Brookstone. He was a fledgling magician who was practicing his craft before Awakening. He meets a young woman named Gabrielle when she arrived on business. He charmed her with his improving magic tricks. The two of them Woke together and worked together. He eventually became the Ashura of Regeneration.

When the war with Isis came, Zanith was chosen to walk the halls by his superiors. Not because he was ready, but because he was needed. Dictated to do so.

What was the magician Zanith, Ashura of Regeneration, then became Zanith the Deva of Ash. More of a shaman in appearance than his preferred form. The Labyrinth twisted him, and when he returned—

Gabrielle was nowhere to be found. And the war was over. What had he been walking through the Labryinth for then?

And he remained in the Labryinth, twisted and bitter. But he was resolved to help the Wakened so that they do not suffer as he had so he stayed until Hekket finished him off.


Zanith is both straightforward and mysterious and there ere is an air of sadness about him. He might seem cold and frightening but is there something more?


Healing and giving life. A note that instead of having a physical object to cover his eyes, he has opted to Bend flesh over his eyesockets. Because he doesn't have eyes. Scary.

He smells and hears very well.


Nautilus - Knew him as a Deva. Found it hard to take him very seriously due to his interesting humor and energetic nature.

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